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  3. 2PM // Grown trailer

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  4. 121217 Fancafe - “It’s the Diet Song!!!”


    The file was too big to upload so I compressed it… If you want to listen to it, do as you will~ ㅋㅋㅋ

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    LYRICS (may not be 100% accurate)

    D I E T 

    *There’s so much you can eat in this world
    What can I do, I just keep gaining weight
    From now on what do I do that will be good
    From now on diet start

    Ramyun, can’t. Samkyupsal, can’t. Chicken, can’t. Pizza, can’t. Wraps, can’t. Pig feet, can’t. Rice wine, can’t. Beer, can’t. Hamburger, can’t. French fries, can’t. Cola, can’t. Cider, can’t. Candy, can’t. Chocolate, can’t. 

    Things you eat, can’t. Just anything, can’t. Can’t eat anything but what do I do when I see it? You said diet? (Of course it’s diet)

    Well just lose weight anyway and then
    If you’re a boy date a girl
    If you’re a girl date a boy
    They all say that so what is dieting
    Diet fighting!

    Let’s lose weight, let’s lose weight (throughout chorus)

    * Repeat 2x

    Oh right this is losing-weight TY

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  5. All Night Long - 2PM

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    jin woon sur We Heart It.

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    JYP Entertainment and2PM's Taecyeon's very own 'Okcat' welcomed customers of all ages to its booth at the character licensing fair in Seoul!

    The 13th annual character licensing fair was held for five days from July 16-20, and 270 national characters showed up in the form of mascots and booths. The ‘Okcat’ booth seemed like a lot of fun with its various ‘Okcat’ products and face-painting event. Five thousand ‘Okcat’ balloons and 3,000 ‘Okcat’ vinyl bags were also given out for free. The ‘Okcat’ CEO himself, Taecyeon, even made a surprise appearance at the booth on the afternoon of the 18th (Friday).

  8.  ’GOT7’s Girls Girls Girls~

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    jyp nation will always be my #1. they may not be as popular or financially successful as other companies (such as yg and sm) are, but they treat their artists so well. I don’t even know how to put my words together to explain how much I love the company. they give their artists sex education and…

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    140723 HAPPY OKCAT DAY!