1. fyjypnation:

    Q. Have you ever had a solo interview before?
    I don’t think so.

    Q. It seems like you usually talked as the representative when having group interviews. Is it because you have good speaking skills?
    I think that’s how it was (laughs) I’m not an excellent speaker but I’m on the side of…


  2. fyjypnation:

    Wonderfuls that I love! This is Yeeun ~^^

    For the first time in awhile, I’m greeting you with happy news..!

    Finally, HA:TFELT’S first mini album is coming out into the world ! ^^

    The work I’ve showed you on Instagram recently, it was all for HA:TFELT’s album!

    I composed and wrote the lyrics…

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    2YoungEP25 Let’s jump together

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  5. Mark’s heartfelt message for Jr

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    TAECYEON the idiot NERD ~

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  7. Jr. letter to JB  ♥

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    Arena Homme+ Aug 2014 issue. Pic credit: woonmyeong

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  10. There’s a kind of 1+1 feel. It’s like,when there is Taec there will be Nichkhun and when there is Nichkhun,there will also be Taec kind of feel!!! (Taecyeon)

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